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For thousands of years, this mutant has tried time, and time again, to destroy all man kind. He wants total control of a world created, and rulled by him, and only him. He is one of the most powerful mutants around today. Some of his enemies include Angle, Cyclops, and JeanGrey, and he has shown a rather absessive attraction to the Mutant Cable. This attraction led to the cloning of Cable, and the creation of Strife. Strife would later release the Legacy Virus killing hundreds of Mutants, before his own demise, and Apocalypse's demise as well. For almost 4 years, there was no sign of Apocalypse, until he was fully restored to his orginal state, during the Onslaught Saga, in 1995. Although his appearances are rather scarce lately, it has been promised by the people of Marvel, that his big reappearnce/new plan to rule the world will take place at the end of the Millenium. With the year 2000, just around the corner, it won't be long before we see our favorite blue villian again..

Formerly known as the wealthy and conceited Angel, whose mutant characteristics were most notably feathered wings. His wings were damaged so badly during the Mutant Massacre that they had to be removed. Apolcalypse then took Warren in and turned him into the angel of death, Archangel, complete with metal wings and blue skin. After being seriously injured by Sabretooth, his metallic wings were molted and revealed his original feathered wings underneath. He is now a reserve member of the X-Men, along with his lover, Psylocke.

Banshee was originally recruited by Charles Xavier to join the new X-Men, before that he was an Interpol agent, and then a petty thief. After the X-Men's encounter with Moses Magnum, Banshee lost the use of his sonic scream powers and retired from the X-Men, choosing to live on Muir Island with Moira MacTaggert. When the Reavers attacked Muir Island, Sean Cassidy was healed by the Morlock Healer and he returned to action as Banshee. He is now headmaster of Generation X, a position he shares with Emma Frost. His daughter Theresa aka Siryn is also in the superhero bussiness, his cousin Black Tom is his worst enemy.

As brilliant in mind as he is powerful and agile in form, the Beast's intelligence and sense of humor served him well through-out his years as a premier member of the X-Men. Later while performing an experiment to cure him of his mutancy, he drank the formula, turning into the big blue guy we know today. His powers then became increased while his mind remained intact. Beast was once a member the Avengers, the Defenders, X-Factor and, eventually returnedto the X-Men. As one of the world's foremost biochemists, Hank is working with Moira MacTaggert to cure the Legacy Virus plaguing mutant-kind and now human-kind, too. For a while, Beast was locked up, while his AOA counterpart, the Dark Beast, was impersonating him. Beast escaped, while the Dark Beast had allied with Onslaught, and later, the Brotherhood. He is currently dating news anchor, Trish Tilby.

Refugee from a century in the future, the man known only as Bishop finds himself among those men and women who were the legends of his youth, the X-Men. Forever separated from his family and friends, Bishop uses his ability to absorb and rechannel energy to fight for a brighter future than the one he left. He is now lost in space with DeathBird

In Cable’s past, our future, society stands on the brink of utter destruction thanks to Apocalypse. Nathan Summers has come back in time to prevent this horrible future. Now, Cable uses his telepathy and telekinesis to fight for a better tomorrow, and seeks his own fate as a man with an uncertain future.

The only member of the New Mutants to "graduate" to the X-Men, Cannonball is having a tough time being the youngest and least experienced X-Man. Sam, who can blast (fly) with a kinetic force field around him, has come a long way from his days helping his family at the farm, and then the New Mutants, and later on X-Force. Cannonball was also told by Cable that he was an External, one who is immortal and destined to become a High Lord, after his "death" and "resurrection". But Selene of the Hellfire Club, told Sam that he was not an External and that his "death" was simply set up by Cable. The truth is yet to be resolved...

When Cecilia was just six years old her father died in her arms, which lead to her decision to become a doctor. Then 3 years ago, Charles Xavier asked Cecilia to join the X-Men but she refused. While interning at Our Mother of Mercy Hospital one of her patients died and his Prime Sentinel programming kicked in. She was attacked and consequently saved by Iceman. After OZT, she tried to return to her old life but to no avail, and was forced to stay with the X-Men.

When Chamber first used his mutant psi-powers, he blew away the bottom half of his face and his chest. Because of this, he was cursed with a hideous appearance and forced to talk telepathically. Chamber is destined to be the most powerful telepth in the world.

Colossus is a mutant with the ability to change his flesh into an organic form of steel at will. In this form he has no need to eat or breath. He is impervious to most forms of physical harm. He is also impervious to magical attacks in this form. He has been part of the X-Men, the Acolytes, and Excalibur, he has now returned to the X-Men. His mother, father, sister(Illyana), and brother(Mikhail) are all dead.

Scott Summers was only a child when his mother pushed him and his brother strapped on him, to escape death at the hands of an alien space craft. The parachute he had caught on fire and only because his mutant powers kicked in and he slowed their decent, they survived. Cyclops went from orphanage, to orphanage, always being returned by would-be parents after seeing his mutant power. Eventually, he was taken in by Professor Xavier, and became the first X-Man. Over time he married Madelyne Pryor, and eventually Jean Grey and had a son with his first wife Nathan(aka Cable). When Professor Xavier handed himself over to federal authorities he was been left with the responsibility of commanding the X-Men on his own. Recently, after being seriously injured during OZT, he decided to take a leave of absence from the X-Men with Jean in Alaska.

Dazzler was once an X-Man, and a singer. When Longshot left the team, she went with him to fight Mojo.

Wade Wilson was originally a mercenary, but when he discovered he had terminal cancer he joined the Weapons X program with hopes of them curing him. The program cured him of cancer when the chemo- and radiation-therapy couldn't, but not without a cost, his physical appearance. After leaving the program he became the merc, named Deadpool.

Deathbird can use her wings to fly but she seldom does. She is a skilled fighter and trained most of the Shiar empire's Imperial Guards. Deathbird is also slightly crazy and she stole the throne from her sister Lilandra for a period of time. She is now trapped in space with Bishop.

The woman known as Domino is an enigma even to her closest allies. Her past is shrouded in secrecy, she now uses her uncanny probability-altering powers and deadly fighting skills to wreak havoc on her enemies.

Emplate is M's brother, he sucks mutant genes for nutrition. He might even be Penance's brother aswell. He is also Generation-X's greatest foe. He was recently combined with his two little sisters, whom were once M. Now they are all one entity.

Trevor Fitzroy came from a very wealthy family in the future. He´s actually a descendant of the Shaw family. Trevor refused to be a member of the XSE, organization that Bishop and Shard were member. Fitzroy had an affair with Shard, but them betrayed here, becoming a criminal. Bishop spent many years of his life trying to capture him, coming back in time to capture, but ending stuck here, thanks to Trevor one way portals. Fitzroy then became a member of the Upstarts, but vanished for some time when X-Force and the New Warriors defeated the villain team. He now reappeared after a battle with Selene, when he became her slave, serving the Black Queen in the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club.

A former thief, Gambit, also known as Remy LeBeau, is haunted by past crimes he has committed. Gambit joined the X-Men in hopes that he could make up for his sins, and risked his life almost daily just to do that. His mutant power, to charge any inanimate object with kinetic energy, helped him in the battle of mutant rights along with his former teammates. Finally winning the heart of fellow X-Man, Rogue, Gambit's conscience could not take the guilt any longer. On "trial", by a man claiming to be Magneto, the X-Men learned of his horrible past with Sinister, and his connection to the Mutant Massacre. He was left to die alone in Antarctica, alone and without any resources to get by. It will only be a matter of time before he finds his way back to the X-Men...

Gateway is one of the most mysterious characters in the X-Universe. The X-Men first met them when they were faking their deaths in the Australian outback, in the Reaver´s base. There, with no Black Bird, the team had to trust Gateway´s powers to travell through the world. The mutant never spoke a word to any of the X-Men, but he seemed to have a way to know where the person wanted to go, maybe through telepathy. In the Age of Apocalypse, the aborigine spoke a lot, and we learned that he has a vast knowledge on history, maybe because he lived it all as a X-Ternal (yes, this rumor exists). This mutant delivered Penance to Generation X, assuming his part on the death of the Hellions, mutant killed by Sentinels that crossed one of his portals. He also tried to help the X-Men on the attack of Onslaught, wich signs that there is more on him that we know so far.

Alex and Scott Summers were orphaned at an early age, and Alex was adopted quickly unlike Scott. When he grew up, Alex studied geology, and never took up the super-hero mantle until he was kidnapped by the Living Pharaoh, for his mutant powers. Rescued by the X-Men, Alex met Polaris and fell in love with her and retired as a superhero. During the Mutant Massacre, Polaris was possessed by Malice and Havok became an X-Man until the team journeyed through the Siege Perilous, after which a amnesiatic Havok, became a Genoshian Magistrate. An encounter with Cyclops during the X-Tinction Agenda caused his memory to come back, and he became the X-Factor team leader until the death of Multiple Man, when he resigned as leader. Found by Polaris, Havok was possessed by Malice until freed by, Mr Sinister. Havok started having problems controlling his mutant powers, and was captured by Random. He was brainwashed and had his powers boosted by McCoy, then became part of McCoy's rag-tag team. Recently, he confronted X-Factor and severely injured Polaris. After a confrontation with Cyclops, he joined the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. It has been recently revealed that he was actually undercover, and he has returned to X-Factor, and he will be the new leader of the team.

Wanting to follow in her brother's footsteps, Paige Guthrie jumped at the chance to join the next generation of X-Men. When she graduates Generation X, Paige hopes to take leadership of the X-Men.

The youngest of the original five X-Men, Iceman's fun-loving, frivolous personality has often stood in sharp contrast to his more driven teammates. Bobby always had the mutant power to freeze the moisture in the air and project cold from his body. After the incident with Krakoa, the living island, Bobby left but then returned with X-Factor. Eventually he rejoined the X-Men with the rest of X-Factor. After a possession by the White Queen (Emma Frost) Iceman realized he's more powerful than he ever dreamed and learned to control his powers in much greater ways. Recently, he has shown signs of maturity and leadership qualities. He is more or less struggling right now whether or not to be the joker of the old X-Men days, or the more responsible, serious man he has grown to be. His relationship with his father has also improved a lot, ever since Bobby's father stood up for mutant rights and was beaten by Graydon Creed's men.  More info????? He is my favourite X-Men!!!

Joseph knows nothing about himself, well at least that's what he has everyone believing. He used to think he was Magneto, but Maggott has come forward and told use that he is not. Therefore nothing is really known about him except for he is a carbon copy of Magneto. The only difference is that he isn't homocidal and he is much younger.

A Chinese-American, Jubilee earned money performing stunts with her mutant ability to create "fireworks" in a Southern California mall , after the murder of her parents. She later joined the X-Men after Rogue, Storm and Jean Grey rescued her from an attack and took her to their Austrailian base. Recently Charles Xavier had her transferred to the teenage mutant team Generation X. After she was captured by Bastion during Zero Tolerance she escaped with the help of Daria, a human/machine hybrid of some sort that worked for Bastion. She's now back with the Gen X team.

Longshot was created by Mojo to entertain his dimesnion, making Mojo the ruler there. Longshot managed to escape to our dimension and joined the X-Men. But right after it was revealed that this were a plan to atract the X-Men to Mojo´s dimension, so they could help the audience go up. The X-Men won that day and Longshot remained with the team for a long time. He left the team when they were in Australia so he could find his past. Some months later, Longshot asked for help to his ex-girlfriend, Dazzler so they could save Mojo World. They did, and Longshot started to rule the place. Some months ago, he helped X-Force saving Cable and Shatterstar, who maybe is his son from the future.

M is a powerful girl who was raised in royalty all her life. Yet, for some reason, M has decided to shroud her past in mystery. The two St. Croix twins, who everyone thought were M's sisters, were actually combined together somehow to form 'Monet St. Croix.' And a brother who was just recently revealed to be Generation X's main villain, Emplate. Also she recently split into two little girls, and in Generation-X #34 the two M's and Emplate became one being.

Before joining the X-Men Maggott was tracking down Magneto, whom he still considers a friend, to finally be "free". When Maggott was just a child in South Africa, Magneto released the slugs from his body and for this, Maggott considered him an angel of sorts. However, Maggott soon realized his angel wasn't all he was cracked up to be when Magneto killed a group of soldiers which were attacking his hometown. He is a half-Aborigine from South Africa, and he has two slug-like creatures with him at all times. Recently, his connection with those slugs was revealed, they are in fact his digestive system given form. When it's time for them to pass the energy they've acquired along to Maggott, they somehow go back in and manage to seal the hole behind them, letting Maggott live. He communicates with them both verbally and mentally. However, it is still not known as to why he was looking for Joseph.

He is the X-Men's single greatest foe. He has killed many, and he has removed Wolverine's adamantium in the Fatal Attractions saga. He used to be known as Eric Lensherr, but that name was just a fabrication. He was also thought to be Joseph for an extended period of time.

Living a life of pain and sorrow, Marrow is plain and simply angry at humanity for "forcing" her to live in the sewers where most of her friends, the Morlocks, were slaughtered by the Marauders. Having been saved from the massacre by Gambit, she later went to another dimension, where she aged at a faster rate. Later returning to Earth for a human killing spree, she was stopped by Storm, who was forced to rip her heart out and "kill" her. After some time, it was revealed she had two hearts and survived her "death". Apparently freed from her "demons", Marow has teamed up with the X-Men to help fight mutant-hating prejudists. She is still as angry at all humanity and unpredictable as before, however.

Kurt Wagner was found by Charles Xavier, when he was forming the New X-Men, and later became the leader of Excalibur. He now carries his twin swords, coupled with his teleportal ability, making Kurt a brilliant leader and combatant.

Little is known of Penance, other than the fact that for many years she had been held captive by Emplate as food and that her first name is Yvette. She has never spoken, possibly because she might be deaf and is possibly M's sister.

When Jean's best friend Annie was hit by a car and lay dying, Jean's powers first manifested themselves and she read Annie's thoughts. Her parents then took her to Xavier where she enrolled in the school. She met Scott Summers who eventually became her husband (albeit, only a few years ago). Later on came the Phoenix saga. After escaping from some sentinels in space, her shuttle was damaged and she was the only one who could survive the cosmic rays. So she took the knowledge of the pilot and crashed it into a bay. Phoenix appeared but with so much power she became corrupt with Mastermind's help. Then she joined the Hellfire Club as the Black Queen. But it really wasn't Jean; it was a being who took over her shape. Later the Fantastic Four found Jean's coccoon where she was healing the whole time. When Jean awoke she found out Scott married another woman, Madelyne Pryor (who was really a clone of Jean's) and had Scott's child (Cable). When Jean returned Madelyne went insane and became the Goblin Queen. After Madelyne died Jean received all of the Goblin Queen's memories and the Phoenix Force. She is now on a sabbatical with her husband in Alaska where she is beginning to embrace her identity as Phoenix.

Charles Xavier, the creator and, in the past, the leader and mentor of the X-Men. As a young man, he found that he had an unheard of ability, the ability to read and send thoughts. Once in adulthood he chose to use his gift for the benefit of mankind. As a doctor in Israel he met a woman with whom would carry his only child. Also in Israel he befriended a man that would one day be known only as Magneto. Both of the men had separate "dreams" of the future between man and mutant, so they went their separate ways - always knowing that they would clash over their views in the end. His dream has become both a religion and a way of life for many mutants. In the past he has had many enemies, but none as difficult to defeat as himself. Once Xavier realized that he could not reason with his former friend Magnus, he made a regretful attempt to destroy his foes mind. In the process he absorbed the evil which possesed Magneto, thus creating within himself the entity known as Onslaught. A long battle, which resulted in the apparent loss of many of the world's heroes, to destroy the Onslaught entity had left Charles, without powers, in the hand of the government, still being considered a threat. His location has not yet been revealed.

Betsy Braddock is a telepath, and twin-sister of Brian Braddock. She once stood-in for Captain Britain and lost her eyes as a result of a battle with Slaymaster. She was captured by Mojo and given bionic eyes, so when she was rescued by the X-Men Mojo would see the X-Men through her eyes and have it broadcast back to Mojo World. Psylocke joined the X-Men after helping them in a confrontation with Sabretooth, and after the Fall Of The Mutants during which the X-Men "died", Besty emerged from the siege perilous in the body of a ninja assassin named Kwannon, whilst Kwannon's consicousness ended up in her body. Psylocke was rescued from the Mandarin by Wolverine, and re-joined the X-Men. During a recent fight with Sabretooth she sustained life-threatening injuries and was healed by the powers of the Crimson Dawn, which also granted her the power to.

Rogue, whose real name still has not been revealed after so many years, joined the X-Men in an attempt to learn how to control her mutant powers, to absorb memories and powers of others through skin-to-skin contact. Other powers, flight, super-strength and a "sixth sense", aren't really hers, but those of the original Ms. Marvel, absorbed while in a battle. Before joining the X-Men, Rogue was a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, with her step-mother, Mystique. Still not able to control her powers, Rogue is scared to have the slightest physical contact with anybody. After a few years of building a relationship with former X-Man, Gambit, Rogue has squashed that idea, after finding out about Gambit's past with Sinister.

Skin was born and raised in a violent neighborhood of South Central Los Angeles. Skin's whole reason for being with Generation X is to learn how to look normal and reduce the amount of migraines he gets every time he uses his powers. Unlike everyone else on Generation X, Skin does not plan on joining the X-Men when he graduates. He was once a gangsta, and he had to fake his death because of this, three of his friends died in a gang war.

Sinister is a dark evil mutant, he constantly experiments on mutants, and he has a connection with the Summers family, also he was responsable for the mutant massacre.

As a child, Storm survived only by her skill to pick-pockets in the streets of Cairo. When her mutant powers manifested, she was worshipped as a goddess by African natives. Professor Xavier recruited her as one of the second-generation of X-Men, and she has been with them ever since. With her powerful ability to control the weather - be it rain, wind, snow, or lightning - courage, and compassion, Storm is the very capable leader of the X-Men, while Cyclops is away. Currently, she is trying to deal with the newer, more troublesome X-Men, namely Marrow - the Morlock she thought she had killed!

Synch is the most normal kid on Generation X. He has a regular family, regular past, a crush on Jubilee, but is to shy to tell her his feelings, and has born leadership. The only un-ordinary thing about him is his power. He has a power that, with the right training, will make him be one of the most powerful mutants in the world.

Emma Frost is a mutant with incredibly powerful telepathic/psionic abilities. Emma can telepathically disguise herself, making her appearance to those around her quite different. Emma also has the ability to travel on the Astral plane and communicate with others telepathically.

Discovered in the Canadian wilderness, Wolverine was turned into a super-spy for the Canadian government, with an adamantium enforced skeleton. His mind was infected with events that never actually happened while in the Weapon X project. He went to the X-Men for freedom and a just cause to fight for. Important events in his life with the X-Men include the taking away (by Magneto) and attempting to put back (by Genesis) the adamantium in his body. When the metal was being bonded to him from Genesis, he broke free, but as a savage "animal". With Elektra's help, he's managed to learn to gain better control of himself. And despite what's happened, Wolverine is still a loyal member of the X-Men, and just as dangerous as ever.

Nate Grey was genetically engineered by Sinister to become the most powerful mutant in the world. Nate has recently learned that the limitless psi-power that he wields is also destroying him, for no human was meant to contain such power, certainly not a teenager.His powers include telekinesis and he can levitate objects, fly, and project blast of kinetic energy. But his powers are killing him.